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see you next tuesday, you is a punk...

I'm sitting on the train writing this because I rrrreally don't have a better way of killing time. I'm on my way into work... I have a (temporary) job now! I did a couple of 20 hour weeks and now I'm full time. I have a contract to work there up till new year &I'm not expecting them to keep me on after that but it's good for now. It's at Boots, which I'm describing to Americans and other aliens as being like cvs meets sephora? Yyyyeah.


The guy sitting kind of diagonally opposite me on the train is really cute.


I'm spending most of my wages right now on Christmas presents. I spent a whole week's worth getting Springsteen tickets for my mum. I like spending money on people, I just kinda wish I could buy myself something kinda big, you know?


I hate all the people that read the metro.


Hopefully this week I'll get to hang out with Graeme, and Gem and Catface come home for Christmas soon. All v. exciting!


I'm in town now, so it's time to shut up.

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Here's a cake I made for Kerry's birthday! She's my bff <3

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Aug. 29th, 2011

New start at a new lj! I guess I'll mostly be using this for usual rants, keeping track of my meager social life, makeup, cake, talking about stuff I like =]
Honestly, I don't know how good I'll be at updating this, or if I'm right in assuming a new journal would help me keep motivated, but it's worth a try, isn't it? I wish that I had a more substantial first post than this. I just wanted to get something out there quickly because it was killing me having no posts, lol.